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Common Spaces

Let us help you organize the busy parts of your house to help bring you peace of mind. Common spaces we organize and style include: Basements Pantries Kitchens Closets Master Bedrooms Garage Bathrooms Please keep in mind that we have a two-hour minimum for each project and there are additional fees for material, containers and […]

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New Beginnings

Whether you’re moving into a new house, expecting a new baby, setting up your home office, or just looking for a way to maximize space on a budget, we’ll work with you to bring your vision for your home to fruition in a way that truly fits your life.

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Keeping Up

When you’re juggling what feels like a million things on your plate, there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done, much less prevent clutter. Let The Home Sanctuary do it for you! We use a functional approach to home organization to ensure that the areas you use everyday can keep up […]

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Moving Out

Let us help you organize and style your home before you put it on the market to help maximize your home’s value. And once it comes time to move out, we help you unpack and set up your home in an organized, effective and efficient manner, so you can settle into your new home, stress-free.

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Moving In

Moving in to a new home can be overwhelming. Let us help ease the transition for you and your family during your move by helping you plan your space, unpack boxes and set up your home in away that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

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Moving On

You’ve spent many wonderful years raising a family in your home and now you’re planning your next steps as an empty-nester or dreaming about retiring in a few years. We can help you manage the transition into a smaller space (or even retirement community) to maximize every square foot, giving you more room in your life for the things you love.

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The Home Sanctuary

Home Organization & Styling
The Home Sanctuary helps transform your busy home into your personal sanctuary by organizing and styling spaces in your house in a way that is tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. We work with clients in all seasons of life to deliver spaces that are uniquely customized, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

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