Katie Hilbert


Katie Hilbert

Home Organizer and Stylist

Get To Know Katie

What is the one thing you love most about what you do?

What I love most is meeting such interesting people and connecting with each client to help figure out what approach to organizing and styling their home will work best for them, their taste, and their budget. Nothing tops seeing a client’s reaction to their renewed space and it is AMAZING to hear days later that our work really has brought so much peace and function to their lives. I love hearing that a forgotten space or piece has been given new life and that it is getting used/loved again by a family.

What is your favorite home trend this season?

I love nothing more than a warm and inviting space so I am drawn to rooms with fireplaces, wood/brick/exposed beams, and a calm, neutral palette.  I also always love a home with subway tile, plantation shutters, farm sinks,and  wood floors. Family heirlooms and meaningful pieces bring so much character to a home and are topics of conversation with guests. I also love the trend of  mixing of patterns and fabrics and old/vintage pieces with new/modern pieces.

What is your favorite hobby?

Reading (this is hard for me because if I like a book I will tend to stay up all night reading), going to yoga, walking around our neighborhood (it’s historical and has great homes, trees, people to see), drinking wine and having a good conversation with friends, or trying a new local restaurant or boutique. I also love to bargain hunt/shop at places such as The Cellar Door and Charlotte’s Web. I really love being able to find a great piece at a second hand store and give it a new life. And I am always up for a trip to Home Goods or Target.

What is the hardest spot in your home to keep clean/organized/styled?

Currently I would say our main living space is the hardest to keep up with- mainly the kitchen and living room. We try to keep toys in the basement, but they tend to make their way upstairs as my three kids want to play where the adults are. In order to manage and not let things pile up, I make sure to spend about 20 minutes before bed putting things away – kitchen cleaned, dishes put in dishwasher, load of laundry either started or folded, and all toys put away. Also, all things are sitting out that are needed for the next day- school uniforms, backpacks, shoes, coats, and my purse/computer bag. This way we can grab and go in the AM without searching for 10 minutes for a lost shoe or keys. Planning ahead and  creating organizing systems that are maintainable by all members of the family (not just me) are key to keeping our household running smoothly and less chaotic on a daily basis.

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