Reorganized and Reclaimed Basement

Reorganized and Reclaimed Basement

It is so easy to let your basement turn into a kid’s free-for-all, but it does not have to be this way! We gave this family their basement back so they can now enjoy it as a family, and mom and dad don’t cringe when they walk down the steps! It takes time and patience, but putting organizational systems in place will pay off for everybody in the end.

We started by removing everything from the closets, drawers, bins, etc and placed these items into different piles. After consulting with the client, we donated a ton of toys and streamlined the rest. We organized the toys in a way that gives the kids easy access and really see what all was there. By grouping like items together, the items make sense and hopefully get played with more. We created an area just for craft supplies, an area for books and movies, and another for all of the games and puzzles. This hopefully makes it easier for kids to know what to do with something once they have finished playing. That’s the dream, right?! Once the toys were in order, the TV and hang out area was uncovered and we were able to make it inviting for game nights or family movie time.

We all know how fast kids go through phases with toys and books, so it is important to get rid of those items that your kids have outgrown. It is also great practice to routinely remove toys that have broken pieces or missing parts. It is important to remember that when the space is tidy and organized, your kids will be more prone to respect it, put things away and feel like it is their home sanctuary.

Before and After

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